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CW6.3 for ColdfireV1 std library error

Question asked by john tony on Jan 31, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2011 by kef

Hi Everbody,


Whenever I try to compile a ref code, the foll error msg appears:

Error   : identifier 'memset(void *, int, unsigned int)' redeclared as '__regabi void * (void *, int, unsigned long)'

cstring line 35   _C void * _EWL_CDECL memset(void *, int, size_t) _EWL_CANT_THROW;


Is it because the ref code was done in a previous version than the one I'm using?

How do I solve this?

It would be really helpful if someone could help me understand the meaning of this msg.


Thanks in advance!!!