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Lack of variable declaration - CW 6.3

Discussion created by Joe Kissell on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2011 by Joe Kissell

I recently picked-up a project created by someone else and am trying to come up to speed on the code. I came across the following line of code which confuses me. The code builds just fine in CW6.3. However this is the only instance of "BOOTLOADER_VERSION" in the project. It's not even declared! Why isn't the compiler complaining about this?



requestedData[i++]=(unsigned char)BOOTLOADER_VERSION;


Background related info:

This project is a combination of two seperate projects (Bootloader code & Application code). The code above was pulled from the Application project. However "BOOTLOADER_VERSION" is initialized (but still never declared) in the Bootloader project.

This is my first experience with CodeWarrior. Why isn't the Application code complaining about this variable not being declared?