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Invalid project Path when rebuilding MQX 3.6.2, CW10

Question asked by Juan Aguirre on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2011 by Juan Aguirre

When rebuilding MQX Libraries as per “FSL_MQX_Getting_Started.pdf”, section 2.4 (Freescale CodeWarrior Development Studio Version 10), when switching between targets (Debug to Release), there are several warnings concerning “Invalid project path: Duplicate path entries.”  See attached image.


The build process seems to work.  Should I be concerned about these warnings?  How do I fix them?





Codewarrior 10 Special Edition

Windows XP Pro

MQX 3.6.2

PEMicro USB ColdFire Multilink.

Custom Target based on Coldfire MCF52259.