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problem using __SEG_END_ feature

Question asked by Ron Wilson on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2011 by CrasyCat

I am using CodeWarrio ver 5.0, build 9061 for S12X with build tool update 5.0.1, build 10038


I put the following in my code:

#pragma DATA_SEG EOLPROGvunsigned short EOLcode;#pragma DATA_SEG DEFAULTextern unsigned short __SEG_END_EOLPROG[];


and then, in my PRM file, in the PLACEMENT section:

EOLPROG         INTO    NO_INIT     0x7F6C00'G TO 0x7F6FFF'G;


But,  the address of __SEG_END_EOLPROG was 0x7F6C02. I was expecting it to be 0x7F7000.


While I can unserstand that "EOLPROG INTO EOLRESERVED" would get that result, here I am directly defining the address range for EOLPROG, so it would be reasonable to expect the address of __SEG_END_EOLPROG would be 0x7F7000.


Any other way to get what I am looking for? (other than defining 2 ranges)