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Serial UART problems on MCF54418

Question asked by Kurtis Alexander on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2011 by Kurtis Alexander

I am preparing to build a serial driver for 10 UART ports on MCF54418 (including flexbus). Most code examples I have seen have been related to using the console or other similar applications, however they don't seem to lend themselves well to writing a driver which will run all the UART ports at once. I am sure I can size the buffers appropriately and get this working with the MQX serial drivers, but ideally I would prefer to port code that I have written in the past to this platform and avoid complete use of the MQX driver. This is for a few reasons, most importantly is portability.


If it is at all possible what I would like to get for each UART is a data register, a Tx complete interrupt, and an Rx complete interrupt. Having access to those three items would make me feel more comfortable. Additionally I would like to be able to initialize a UART with a single function call which will take the UART to be initialized and a baud rate.


Inside of this, how can the MQX RTOS help me? I feel like there is little documentation that translates to the way I am used to dealing with UARTs.


I am open to suggestions and advice regarding how to implement this solution.


Thank you in advance,