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Orphaned controllers on HC11P2

Discussion created by Kevin Sargent on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by Kevin Sargent

 Looking to readout/copy a P2 controllers' EEROM. OEM shut its' doors & refuses to return calls. System uses external EPROM for main body of code, but "probably" uses EEROM to configure onboard resources And its' external memory mapping. This may be impossible, but I need to explore all options.


 This is to repair existing units that blow the micros due to inadaquate serial port pin protection, not to make new units. We have a new design/build, but customers are understandably irate at being forced into a full retrofit/upgrade. We have access to working units, but are scared to do much testing as it looks like it can erase the EEROM, making another dead unit. We're not savvy on HC11s, went to Freescale from Zilog in the 908 era, and now using 9S08s.


 We'd appreciate any & all methods, or are we just "sadly out of luck"?