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New BSP and MQX bootloader

Discussion created by Guillermo Sanchez on Jan 25, 2011
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Hello everyone:


 We are in the process of making a MQX Boot for a board similar to m54455evb but using a MCF54452 MCU, CW 7.2 and MQX 3.6.2.  To do it we have to create a new BSP (we are not using the same HW, nor the same options) so we have chosen to clone the Evb BSP as the manual recommends. Right now, we have created the .a from modified build libs for bsp, psp, mfs, rtcs and shell. But when we try to create a new project using our options we found some issues that we don't know how to solve. I will explain you the process so you can have a better understand of what we are doing.


First we create a new MQX Project (new>MQX Project) based on the m54455evb and adding the msf, rtcs and shell support. Then we modify the project's path variables to point to our own source directories (where the .a and .c and .h are). After that we modify the Linker and Compiler configuration so they get the right files. Since the project doesn't have a way to launch the application in the internal MCU FLASH, when we finished the last modification we created a new bareboard project using Processor Expert in order to have the right m54452.mem/cfg and the internal flash linker configuration file (.lcf) Obviously, after replacing the lcf and modifying the linker properties the linker procedure fails. The errors point to lack of some lcf definitions as __BOOT_STACK_ADDRESS and etc.

I wan't to say that I know that a MQX project will not probably fit in the internal MCU FLASH (32kb). But we want to try to make a low profile boot, so we first want to know how big is the complete boot with mqx, mfs, etc.


Is there a way to create a .lcf that suits or needs using the Processor Expert?