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CAN Transmission Issue - interrupt based

Question asked by freescale_satya on Jan 19, 2011
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I am trying to transmit around 10 CAN messages at a single instance. here is the logic iam using for S12x micro


#define NO_OF_TX_MESSAGES   10

for(index = 0; index < NO_OF_TX_MESSAGES; index++)
  //copy id's
 //copy datalength
 //copy all databytes from application buffer
   buf_sel = TFLG;
   TBSEL = buf_sel;
 // form the correct idrs
 // fill the data into data segment registers
 buf_sel = TBSEL;
 TIER |= 0x07; // enable interrupts
 TFLG =  buf_sel; // transmit the frame

  TIER = 0x00;


1. Could somebody tell me if the logic is correct or can i make any improvements?

2. I always find not more than 3 messages being transmitted at a time

ex: i want to transmit 0x400, 0x401, 0x402, 0x403 ... 0x409 messages i find only 0x400, 0x401, 0x402 messages are only being transmitted. when i go through the data sheet it says 3 transmit buffers is this issue related to this.

could somebody help me on this? i am unable to proceed further without resolving this issue.


Please let me know if u did not understand or i missed something.


thanks in advance,