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S12X MSCAN Transmit buffer priority

Discussion created by Peter Eckstrand on Jan 17, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by Radek Sestak


I have a question regarding transmitting messages.


Consider the following scenario:

1. The priorities of the 3 TX buffers are set equal.

2. The 3 TX buffers are loaded with messages to be transmitted.

3. MSCAN starts to transmit the message in TX0 buffer.

4. When TX0 is transmitted a TX interrupt is raised and the ISR loads a new message to TX0.


5. Which message will be sent? TX0 or TX1?


I guess TX0 will be sent, is this correct?

Does this mean that the messages in TX1 and TX2 will not be sent as long we are loading new messages into TX0?