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AN2295 bootloader and I2C, with S08SG32

Discussion created by Victor Gaburov on Jan 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2011 by Victor Gaburov

hello everyone,


I am using MC9S08SG32 uC, hc08sprg-s08sh.mcp slave bootloader, with "S08SH32 - TB1TB0 (TxD/RxD)" cofig.


bootloader works, loads the app and runs it, as it should (I didn't design the bootloasder, had it, and I modified it a bit, for my purpose)


but app uses I2C protocol (to transfer data), that is not going through the TxD/RxD channel. Aparrently it is initialized and then drops.

the app works perfectly if it is flashed to the uC, but with bootloader it does not initialize I2C, or initializes, but then closes, for some reason...


any ideas or questions are welcome