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How do you get eTPU compiled code into CodeWarriors?  (CodeWarriors V10, MCF5232 Processor)

Question asked by Dan Wermers on Jan 14, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by Dan Wermers

Hello, I downloaded the latest version of CodeWarriors (V10) and installed on my Windows Vista PC.  Next I was able to connect to my target with the P&E Multilink.  My target is the MCF5232.  I am able to get LEDs to blink.  Everything working fine.


Next I "compiled" the eTPU functions from the Freescale web site.  Files downloaded consist of many .c and .h files in a directory structure.  Some of the .h files said do not edit!  OK so far...  


I need to use eTPU functions next, such as PWM.  But I cannot figure out how to "merge" the eTPU compiled files with my existing project (or a new project) in CodeWarriors V10.  I've tried every way to Sunday.  Does anybody know how to do this?  Seems like it should be a simple task?  Please, step by step instructions...