Dan Wermers

CodeWarriors V10 and eTPU compiler

Discussion created by Dan Wermers on Jan 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2011 by Tom Thompson

Hello, I downloaded the latest version of CodeWarriors (V10) and installed on my Windows Vista PC.  Next I was able to connect to my target with the P&E Multilink.  My target is the MCF5232.  I am able to get LEDs to blink.


Next I "compiled" the eTPU functions from the Freescale web site.  Files downloaded consist of many .c and .h files in a directory structure.  Some of the .h files said do not edit!  OK so far...  


I need to use eTPU functions next, such as PWM.  But I cannot figure out how to "merge" the eTPU compiled files with my existing project (or a new project).  I've tried every way to Sunday.  Does anybody know how to do this?  Seems like it should be a simple task?  Please, step by step instructions...