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USBDM Flash Programmer questions and comments

Question asked by Oliver Betz on Jan 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2011 by Oliver Betz

Hello pgo,


thanks for this great tool!


After a quick try with a SH16 I think it's very well suited for low volume production programming.


Some questions and comments:


What is "Incremental File Load"?


How does "verify" handle the trim bytes? Could it be it that it verifies against the last trim result? In this case I had to manipulate the S19 file (exclude the trim bytes) to check the contents of an earlier programmed device (with unknown trim value).


Maybe verify could report the errors more detailed or read back the contents of a target to a file. Then one can use a text diff tool to find the differences.


Verify should use a different sound and a different dialog box for failed operations.


NVTRIM should be named NVFTRIM, NVTRIM is at $FFAF.

"Always in foreground" is somewhat annoying.