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Which OS runs Codewarrier for 9S12

Question asked by John Dammeyer on Jan 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2011 by John Dammeyer

Last year I did a major project using a 9S12. 


My verison of CodeWarrier is CodeWarrier Development Studio for HC12 4.7.1 Patch build 8204 IDE Version 5.9 which was only supported under Win-XP and not VISTA.


I may have to do some major updates to the project but the development environment will more than likely be Win7.  What's the status with regards to Win7 64 bit?  From what I understand none of the debuggers that have drivers for the 32 bit WIN-XP will function in the Win7 environment.


I've been looking through the Freescale site for some sort of app note or white paper on this but haven't found anything.  Anyone have links to this sort of information?


Any suggestions for a Win7 compatible ICE type debugger?