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Illegal BP while Writing/Erasing Flash Memory on the 68HC12

Question asked by Justin Lei on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2011 by Justin Lei

Hi everybody,


I'm having trouble writing/erasing to do the flash arrays on the MC68HC912DT128A. I have a couple of questions:


I am trying to use it as an extended EEPROM (writing data to it and reading data from it during normal operation). In the databook, it says that "Programming and erasing of Flash locations cannot be performed by code being executed from the Flash memory." Does that mean I cannot do what I want to do with the flash arrays?


I went ahead and coded up a test, but it's encountering an illegal breakpoint not long after I set the PGM bit (at the beginning of the 'program' operation). It seems to be time-dependent because the illegal breakpoint occurs even if I insert a few NOPs. I can't figure out why it might be happening though--any educated guesses or other things to test for/think about?


Thanks in advance!