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Dynamic module load in MQX

Question asked by James Baker on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by Juraj Vanco

Hi, I am evaluating the MPC5125 (I only started this year) and am trying to determine whether to use Linux or MQX on the device.


The reason for using Linux is that we already have the code running under both Linux and Windows, but running an RTOS like MQX would have significant advantages.


The code is currently organised into a main program that loads up dll's/so's for i/o control dependant on a configuration file. This allows more than one instance of a dll/so to be loaded up or a different dll/so to be loaded dependant on device location within the system, without program changes.


The question is; Can you dynamically load modules (dll/so style) in MQX as per Windows dlls and Linux so's and if so, what technique is best to do this?


Sorry if this is an obvious question. Thanks in advance for any help.