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CCSProtocolPlugin: Failed to reset the target (MPC8641 Core: Core did not halt)

Discussion created by Michael Lam on Jan 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by Heather Quinn

Dear CW Experts,

     My team and I are trying to build a SBC board with MPC8641D as the processor.  We are trying to get simple JTAG connection to the 8641D. We are using CW PA V8.8, CW USB TAP, and a custom-built 8641D SBC (single device in JTAG chain).

      In code warrior, when I try to reset the MPC8641D core (via reset target on launch), it gives the following message:
“CCSProtocolPlugin: Failed to reset the target (MPC8641 Core: Core did not halt).”
CW has generated an error log (please see attached).  Can you give me some guidance in interpreting this error log?
     Please note that "attach to process" seems to run fine with an error on the memory block. I have tagged all the HRST# and TRST# signals. They operate as expected. The COP interface can independently assert them.  The processor, platform and sysclk operational frequencies are verified for our MC8641VU1000GE processor chip. The CW setup works fine with the HPCN 8641D demo system.


    Any help is appreciated as we are running out of ideas.

Many Thanks,

Michael Lam