C struct on hcs08

Discussion created by roberto.m on Jan 3, 2011
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Hi to all,


I have built this struct:


struct  pointers {

uint8_t * p1;

uint8_t * p2;



struct pnt;


then I have initialize it:


pnt.p1 = &array[0];

pnt.p2 = &array[15];



If I calculate


uint16_t tmp = (pnt.p2 - pnt.p1);


the result is 2;


but if I calculate


uint8_t * a = pnt.p1;

uint8_t * b = pnt.p2;


uint 16_t tmp = b -  a;

the result is 15 as I expected.


So, why in the first case I obtain the difference between the address of the elements of the struct (2) and not the difference of the address pointed by p2 and p1 (15)? why I cannot use pnt.p2/pnt.p1 as two usual pointer variable?