zheng xuguang

mc9s12xdt256  mscan module hardware error!  thanks for help!

Discussion created by zheng xuguang on Jan 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2011 by Daniel Lundin

hi everyone!


      when i use mscan module of 9s12xdt256 to send out message, i found that my program is run ok on one PCB(PCB1), message can send out correctly, but on the other PCB(PCB2), the program failed, but the program is the same with two PCB.

     i measured the voltage across the txd and rxd pin of XDT256 ON PCB2, I found out that no voltage changed, so i think there is something wrong with the hardware of xdt256 on PBC2.

     my question is what can lead to the damage of the mscan module ? the attachments is my CAN interface circuits.

     thanks for help!