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Potentiometer hysteresis / "debouncing"

Discussion created by Patrick Thomas on Dec 31, 2010
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Hey guys,


This is an old-as-the-hills embedded problem, but I can't find a solution around online so maybe I'm calling it the wrong thing?


I have an application (not that it matters, but MC9S12C and D family, CW 5.0 compiler) where I am trying to use a potentiometer for front panel control.  Of course there is a ton of jitter using the raw ATD data.  Is there a common hardware or software solution to smooth this out?  I can write an algorithm of course (I'm thinking something like taking the value most in the direction of travel over the last several reads) but would prefer if there's some boiler-plate type thing out there that's already been tested out.


Thanks very much :smileyhappy: