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uClinux and serial console

Discussion created by Argenis Bilbao on Dec 30, 2010
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I finally got uClinux to boot on my custom hardware with a MCF5249L MPU. I am trying to get the serial console to use another default value. I need 115200 bps. I set the baud rate in the kernel options to this value (device drivers -> character devices -> serial drivers). Then compile and burn to flash but for some reason the baud rate remains at 19200. 


Because I am running custom hardware I also set the "core clock frequency" to 119808000 (I am using a 18.432 Mhz oscillator instead of the common 11.28 Mhz one). The core clock  divide ratio is set to 2.  I have tested my hardware many times before running simple uart test programs from the internal SRAM and everything is working great at any rate I set it to.


I am running kernel  uClinux-dist-20101026 the 2.6.x version to be more exact. Anyone experienced with this please let me know if there is anything I am missing to get this to work.