Getting HTTPD to respond regardless of what address was used to get to it.

Discussion created by Guest on Dec 28, 2010
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I have successfully installed the httpsrv demo application, and the web server works when I go to it directly. IE: MQX is configured with the ip, and when I go in my browser I get the MQX web server as expected.


However, if I forward an external port on my router/gateway to point to the MQX board  (for example my_external_hostname:88 ->, the MQX http server refuses to respond when I go to my_external_hostname:88 in my browser. I'm pretty sure the port forwarding is set up correctly (I've done this hundreds of times).


I asume the MXQ http server is configured to only respond if the request was directed to it's exact IP, and it doesn't realize I want it to respond even if a different (the external) IP address or hostname was used to get to it. I know full-fledged web servers have settings like this. How do I make the MQX http server respond to any requests?


This line:

#define HTTPDCFG_DEF_ADDR               INADDR_ANY     // default listen address

seems to indicate that it should be operating how I want. But I can't see any other options that might help me.


Any help is appreciated.