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Runtime object '_ICMP' in Bootloader code?

Discussion created by Doug Paulsen on Dec 27, 2010
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Using CodeWarrior 5.9.0 for the MC9S0AC32 micro, I am using the pragmas 


#pragma MESSAGE WARNING C3605 // enable C3605 warning
<boot loader code here>

#pragma MESSAGE DISABLE C3605 // disable C3605 message


to signal if my boot loader code is making object calls outside the pragmas (which won't be there, of course, during boot loading).


Sure enough, I get  a couple of the following warnings:


Warning: : C3605: Runtime object '_ICMP' used at PC...


Has anyone any idea what _ICMP is and how I might rid myself of it (other that trying other random way of coding the same thing in hopes the call will disappear)?


Thanks for any comments!




PS:  i know!  I know!  Should have the boot loader in a separate app to avoid exactly this problem, but I'm stuck with this inherited approach.  Such is life!