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Harder getting the CPU in debug mode once the external flash is programmed?

Discussion created by Argenis Bilbao on Dec 27, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2010 by Argenis Bilbao

Well the subject pretty much says it all. I made a board with the MCF5249L MPU and everything works great. There is only a little concern about getting into debug mode using the PE Micro BDM Rev D.


If the flash is erased, CodeWarrior and PROGCFZ will connect to it fast and without any problems. However, if the flash has a program in it, I have to manually reset the board by pressing the reset button on board, then the BDM will connect without issues.


Whats really weird is that this happens ONLY when the external flash have been programmed, never once when the flash is erased. My flash device is an : SST39VF3201B in case that helps any.


Does anyone see a reason as to why this might be happening? I am completely lost