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codwarrior 2.7 , mpc5554 , multiple warnings

Discussion created by Khurram Hameed on Dec 23, 2010
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after compilation of my source code there are several warnings of overlapping sections like .bss , . data , .sdata 

along with one main warning that internal ram length is less/ is overlapping with stack and heap...


i tried to solve the problem of limited length by editing MPC5554_Debug.lcf(could nt changed in MPC5554.debuf as there was no such option) file.I changed "len" variable by changing its value to an extent that it would remove "main intenral ram " warning.luckily the other warnings were removed as well on next compilation but now the code during live debugging is showing no register contents at all..neither it is showing  which instruction the processor  is currently sorts of halts


i would like to know if it is necessary to remove these warnings it seems they can cause a critical error at time of debugging or should i leave them as they are..


if i need to remove them..what is the proper solution.




Khurram Hameed