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OSBDM malfuncitions on MCF5482 using CodeWarrior 7.1

Question asked by Lei Li on Dec 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2011 by Lei Li

Hi All

I met some problems debugging MCF5482 using OSBDM.

My OSBDM works well on both MCF5213 and MCF5228 boards, with functions such as debug, step, breakpoints and download to flash. But when I tried to connect with 5482, the debugger seems run out of control. When I click "step", the PC cursor points to the instruction right above the current instruction, and stepped "back" one instruction at a time. Also, the only way I can enter this debug mode is to select "Stop on...Program Entry Point" on "Debugger Setting" page. Any other settings would lead to no stop on downloading to SRAM.

It's a strange phenomenon and I don't know how to fix it....

The target is built to run in SRAM (the simplest way I think);

the firmware is just a simple program generated from "New Project Wizard";

the CodeWarrior IDE is 7.1.2, with service patch installed;

the firmware version in OSBDM is Build20.1(2009-09-30).(Except that I correct some mistakes on target power monitor and oscillator initialization.)

Does anybody have any suggestions?
Thank you very much and expecting your reply.


Li Lei