Coldfire Linker Command File

Discussion created by JOHN BECK on Dec 20, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2010 by CrasyCat

Forgive  me. I am extremely new to the Coldfire/CodeWarrior environment. I am using CW 7.2. I have created a very basic project in the CW tool. The readme.txt file tells me that I need to set _FLASHBAR, _IPSBAR, _RAMBAR etc. in the .lcf.


Where do I find the .lcf file? One did not show up in the project LCF folder . Yet when I press MAKE, it looks like some basic .lcf must be found somewhere. So......


I made a new group (called Linker) and copied a linker command file I found in the tower software for the processor I am using. The build process did not detect that file (or the fact that I wanted to use that file as the .lcf).


I have been over every bit of information I can find in the help files, but can not find anything describing how to specify which .lcf file the linker should look at.


Any directions are greatly appreciated.