Codewarrior Install on Windows 7 64bit - mac_mot.sys error

Discussion created by BRUCE CHRISTENSEN on Dec 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by William Knox

I have been running codewarrior 5.2.1177 on my XP machine for years.  I have a new Windows 7 64bit machine that I need to test with.  I have installed / uninstalled / reinstalled codewarrior as administrator and rebooted the comptuer many times.  I have gone throught the documentation and run the mac_mot.sys and mac_mot.ini files.  The mac_mot.sys file is in the windows/system32/drivers folder and I have checked the register to verify it is in the correct place.  I can get it to compile but each time I try to run the parallel port to start debugging i get the message box "NT DRIVER NOT FOUND: MAC_MOT.SYS".


Any ideas