Manoj Mulajkar

Way to connect MCF5232 lower data line (D0-D15) to flash

Discussion created by Manoj Mulajkar on Dec 17, 2010
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In one of our project, we are using processor MCF5232 and schematic is already freezed down and layout is released to  manufacturer. But we found one major difference between Evaluation board schematic and our schematic. In evaluation board schematic upper 16-bit of Processor data lines (D16 to D31) are connected to D0-D15 of flash. While in our schematic we have connected lower 16-bit data lines (D0-D15) of the processor to D0-D15 of the flash. Is there any way to use processor data lines D0-D15 while accessing 16-bit flash. I am expecting typical problem while booting. Please guide me.  This is on urgent note as layout is already released to the manufacturer