[S08SH] problem with data direction

Discussion created by utall on Dec 17, 2010
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Hi all,

I'm driving a open collector device (I2C memory) using self made driver. I use PTB2 and PTB3 as SDA and SCL. On another pin of the same port (PTB4) I have a LED which blink at low frequency (25z). To drive SDA I switch the associated data direction bit (PTBDD3) to input, with external pullup resistor, if I want an high level, to output with value 0 if I want a low level.

In this situation, if I run the firmware it give to me write errors after a random time (2s, 9s, ...). I have the same problem if I remove physically the led but I keep unaltered the led driver (square wave at 25Hz).

I solve the problem if I remove the square wave on the led pin and/or change the port, from PTB to PTA.


This is a very annoying problem. Could anyone help me?


Thank you in advance