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MQX and Code Warrior 10 (Eclipse) Version Control - what files to version?

Question asked by Donald Locker on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2011 by Donald Locker
If this knowledge is available by Reading The Fine Manuals, I'd appreciate a pointer to TFM. So far, my Google searches haven't turned up anything terribly useful. I'm now reading the pages, but it might take me a while. Eclipse generates an awful lot of scratch/state files as it operates, and Code Warrior adds its own set of complications. I'm trying to find what files to keep in version control (Mercurial, for what it's worth) so that my compatriots and I can share MQX build configurations and source base files without versioning all the log, lock, index, pdom, prefs, ... files. So far, I have not found a set of files that allows others to restore a workspace from a versioned archive and build the MQX libraries successfully. Is there a set of files that can always be ignored (*.pdom, *.d, *.args, *.obj, ) and a set of files that are always required? (.cproject, .project, [0-9]+.tree, *.[csh], others?) What about *.snap and *.index? Are they valid on any other machine than the one on which they were generated? .metadata/.plugins/..../.location has machine-specific information in it. Can its contents be "fixed" to use one of the _LOC or _PATH variables so as to be portable? Regards, Donald.