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MPC5554, Placing variables in external RAM

Question asked by Olivier Pasutto on Dec 15, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by CrasyCat


During my experiments with the MPC5554EVB development board, I successfully initialized the external RAM (starting a 0x20000000).


But now I would like to force the linker to place some  variables in this external memory and to keep the other ones in the SRAM.


I tried to create new sections in my lcf file:



MEMORY{    pseudo_rom:         org = 0x40000000,   len = 0x00009000    init:               org = 0x40009000,   len = 0x00001000    exception_handlers: org = 0x4000A000,   len = 0x00001000    internal_ram:       org = 0x4000B000,   len = 0x00002000    heap  :             org = 0x4000D000,   len = 0x00001000    stack :             org = 0x4000E000,   len = 0x00001000     external_ram:       org = 0x20000000,   len = 0x00080000}SECTIONS{...GROUP : {       .ext_ram_text (TEXT) : {}       .ext_ram_data (DATA) : {}    } > external_ram}


and in my code I declare the variable that I want to place in external RAM like this:




#pragma section data_type ".ext_ram_data" __declspec(section ".ext_ram_data") uint8_t buffer[512];


 But I'm getting compilation errors...



Error   : sections used for data must have an uninitialized data sectionError   : unknown section name '.ext_ram_data'


Thanks in advance for your help,