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Need help with MQX USB bootloader

Question asked by byra ferkovich on Dec 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2011 by Angel Cheng

I am trying to develop a USB bootloader to use with my MQX project on a 52259. I have checked out the AN3927 app note and also the projects I found here by David Seymour and Derek Snell, but I still dont quite get it.


What do I need to do to add a bootloader to my project? With the project by David Seymour, I was able to get the bootloader to run and it seemed to flash my 52259 ("success.txt"), but when rebooted, it doesnt run my application. I'm sure its because it cant find the user entry vector, but I cant figure out how to add that to my project. Do I need to add all of the files from David's project to mine? I tried that and it wouldnt compile.


Thanks for any help.