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Problem Code Warrior 2.7 MPC5554

Discussion created by Khurram Hameed on Dec 14, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2011 by stanish

Code Warrior 2.7 provides simple examples to check out different feature of mpc5554.There is also a cook book with it which tells what code is doing.The cook book has one of the project which uses Fixed Interval Timer(FIT).The code works fine except and shows no error at compilation except that during debugging ...the statement whch uses registers defined in mpc5554.h is not executed.For example a statement like this..


SIU.PCR[114].R= 0x0303;    /* Initialize GPIO as output. */




SIU.GPDO[114].R = ~SIU.GPDI[114].R;


doesn't work(it halts/stuck  at  IVOR0TRAP: b IVOR0TRAP in ivor_branch_table.s)


please help desperate need for it.