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Please help - troubles with OSBDM

Question asked by Bob Sawyer on Dec 11, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2010 by Bob Sawyer

I am trying to get OSBDM to compile and load on a DEMOJM board with the 'HC08JM60 installed.  This is just to be ready when I get the OSBDM PCB's I did back and assembled.


I first tried the release B-21.  This would compile, but it does not appear that the flash is programmed when loading into the debugger.  It crashes with error messages about un-assigned memory and interrupt failure.  The memory it complains about is at FF00.  I have run several demo projects on this board, and they all seem to go through a flash programming activity before starting the debugger.  This project does not!


I also got the version for the 52259 tower.  Looks like basically the same code, but with a bunch of target options (?).  This one will compile and build, but when the flash programmer starts, it is looking for a MCS51 target (?).  I looked at the 5259 CPU board, and it is a 'HC08JM32.  The code should be compatible, shouldn't it?


I would appreciate any help with this!


Bob Sawyer