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CodeWarrior V5.7 MCF5282 Cyclone Max Ethernet Connection PEMicroProtocolPlugin Error

Question asked by james lawrence on Dec 8, 2010
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Hi there,

I am having problems connecting to my cyclone max, via Ethernet or USB, through CodeWarrior V5.7.  The error returned is  "PEMicroProtocolPlugin: Please select a port number within valid range in the remote connection preference panel." (first attached image).  I have not been able to find out what this message means yet in any FAQ, user manuals or help files.  If i run the hardware diagnostics I get the second attached error message. If I try and "Run" I get the third error message.  Does anybody know of this error message please? I can however connect using PEMicro's Cyclone Pro Image Manager.  I have also managed to update the firmware from 7.42 to 7.62 successfully, so it appears to be a problem with the integration into CodeWarrior.  I have raised a support ticked with PEMicro, however I thought it was worth an ask to see if anyone else has experienced this problem please?

Many Thanks for reading and any suggestions...