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USBMULTILINKBDM to a PCB BDM Header - ¿Any Layout/Pinout?

Question asked by Cristian Martinez on Dec 7, 2010
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I´m like more than 1 hour trying to figure out the footprint for the BDM Header for a JM32 MCU.

It´s a very Newbie Question.


If I´m considering to buy the 99$ ... USBMULTILINK for only programming my MCU. Then I need a 6 pin header for which the MCU's DS says:







this signals must be connected, ok.


USBMULTILINK says about the connector


BGND -  1       2 -  GND

      NC - 3        4 - RESET

      NC - 5        6 - VDD


Then... I suppose that BGND is BKGD? cause it seems like a GroundB

mmmm it says RESET, and the DS says "!RESET" (inverted) ¿is MULTILINK lying?


Ok if this is true, how I make the footprint?

Ive searched a lot but I dont find any more info about this.


Dimensions? Pin width? ... something?