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Problem with 0xFF0F location - SEC1 and SEC0 bits of FSEC register - S12XEP100 target

Question asked by Sandeep Parvatikar on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by kef



I am using S12XEP100 target.


I have changed the contents of location - 0xFF0F to 0xFE….so that the SEC1, SEC0 bits of FSEC register are loaded with 1 and 0 respectively. And flash in is in an unsecured state.


              FSEC Register Bits



                                 Flash Security Bits



After doing this change, I am not able to change this location back to 0xFF!!!


Even erasing the flash memory is not helping me. The value at this location is always showing 0xFE.


Can anyone help me…how to change this value back to 0xFF?