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How to turn on output of .glo global file

Question asked by Kurt Leebezite on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by kef

Hi, I have a mixed C/assembly language project targeting the 9S12XD64.  I would like to get .glo (global S19) file output, since it would be in a convenient format for download into a firmware updater.  However, my burner.bbl file lacks the instructions to create this file.  I looked in another project that I had created some time ago, and it had instructions to make a .glo file, but the it's apparently not the right derivative (we used to use the 9S12C32).  Is there an easy way to modify the burner.bbl to generate both?  Should I just copy the sections of the burner.bbl in my current project that generate a .abs file, and then change the header to make it generate a .glo?






(current burner.bbl attached)