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Discussion created by Bengt Ragnemalm on Dec 5, 2010
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I have just got my eys on the ColdFire MCU and maybe someone can give an introduction?


Today I use a medical measuremt platform designed with an AVR ATmega32 as MCU. The benfit of the AVR is low cost, low power, package options, cheap development tools (GCC/ICCAVR, AVRStudio) and good help (AVRfreaks). But the performance is limited and we are looking into more powerful MCU's for some of our application.


The ColdFire have just the analogue circuits we need built in, so we will save a lot of board space even if not using BGA package. This is the main reason that I got interested in ColdFire over other 32 bit MCU's


But how does the ColdFire development environment look like and what cost are the tools?