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MPC8315e TDM bus for si3015 codec

Question asked by uolli on Dec 4, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by uolli

does any one who tried MPC8315e tdm bus with si3015 codec? i am trying connecting the MPC8315e TDM bus with Slicon Labs si3015, but can't get the timeslot working properly :smileysad:. for example, when i used the mpc8315e tdm bus driver setting with no bit delay for FSYNC as following shows


                 RIR_RFWM(0) | RIR_RFEN | RIR_RWEN | RIR_RDMA | RIR_RSL |
                 RIR_RSO | RIR_RCOE | RIR_RRDO | RIR_RFSD(0x0));
                 TIR_TFWM(0) | TIR_TFEN | TIR_TWEN | TIR_TDMA | TIR_TSL |
                 TIR_TSO | TIR_TRDO | TIR_TFSD(0x0));


also, following the si3015's datasheet, there is no need FSYNC delay for channel 0 in RXS/TXS equal 0. but i can't get any voice from si3015, just noise. when i changed mpc8315 tdm bus with one FSYNC dealy, i can got very cheap voice (can't useable) :smileysad:

this is very strange, i have spent two days on this, but not any progress. so, anyone who has some experience on mpc8315e tdm bus can give me some suggestion will be very appreciate!


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