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General question about developing for PHDC usb devices

Question asked by Duncan Sutherland on Dec 3, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by Duncan Sutherland


I'm a developer on a web based application, part of which tracks patient health records.  One part of the application is the ability to link patients accounts with Health Vault.  We briefly investigated USB biometric devices (scales, glucose meters etc..) which fed directly into Health Vault, which could then be pulled into our application.  I've been tasked with looking into what would be involved with getting our application to communicate with these devices directly (or at least a handful of specific ones). 


I'm trying to get a foothold here in unfamilar territroy.  Most of my work for our application is Java, but I'm pretty good with C/C++.  Would USB Stack with PHDC be useful in this endeavor, that being to basically write a communication layer with preexisting USB devices.   I also saw, but was unable to install, the medical connectivity library.  Would either of these be where I should be looking to move forward on this... or am I just way off and there is another way to go about this.  I'm just trying to gather what might involved at this point and what would be the technology needed.


Thanks for any insight into this.