P2020RDB QorIQ (e500v5), CW IDE v5.9.0 Build 4781, USBTap Connection issues

Discussion created by Cody on Dec 1, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by Cody

I have the P2020RDB development kit, and cannot connect via the USB Tap.  I am targeting the QorIQ P2020 processor.


When I hit Debug->Connect, I get a popup box that says, "CCSProtocolPlugin : CCS: Core not supported [Connection refused]".


The CodeWarrior output shows:

"Syntax error at line 10"

"The JTAG chain does not contain any debuggable chores!"


I am running ccs at the same time.  It outputs the following:

"CCSAPI connection #1 accepted from localhost.localdomain at Wed Dec  1 13:14:51 2010"
"CCSAPI connection #1 from localhost.localdomain closed at Wed Dec  1 13:14:52 2010"


I have also tried to use the Flash Programmer, but get "Connect failed" and the logs show, "unknown error".


Let me know if there is more information I can supply.