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Driver visibility under XP virtual Machine

Question asked by JOHN BECK on Dec 1, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2010 by Marc Vandenhende

I have just acquired a tower and am trying to run the demos. I have a 64 bit machine running Win 7 and have opened an XP Virtual machine under Windows Virtual PC.


The unvirtual side sees the USB cable and loads the LibUSB-Win32 Devices driver. CodeWarrior on the virtual side does not see the driver and so I can not erase/program flash.


Similarly, I have a USB to serial cable for the serial connection to the tower. The unvirtual side loads the driver and assigns it to COM5. The virtual machine is not even aware of the new com port.


Being new to virtual machines, can anyone direct me as to how these device drivers on the real machine can be seen on the virtual?