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Licensing options - can someone clarify things?

Question asked by FridgeFreezer on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by stanish

I'm currently developing in CW7.2 for a ColdFire V2 and have hit the size limit, so have just tried to find which licence I need to buy and now I just want to find Freescale's marketing & web design departments and slap them. I thought you were supposed to make spending money as easy and quick as possible, not an obfuscated minefield of confusing and out-of-date half-truths and dead ends. (This is what's known as constructive criticism, please pass it to the relevant departments with the aforementioned slap)


I think I have managed to decipher the marketing rubbish and decide that I need "CWP-BASIC" but the difference between floating & node-locked & USB dongle locked seems a bit hazy.


I develop on my laptop, but may need to move to another machine (EG newer laptop, office PC) as required, and either work at home or in the office. From what I've read, the server-based floating licence is rubbish over a net connection, so that rules it out. Node-lock seems to lock me to a system disk ID or MAC address, which would be no good (and is fakeable quite easily, although I'd rather avoid the hassle), and/or a USB dongle.


So, since the sales rubbish is tight-lipped about it, can someone clarify that if we spend $1000+ on software we can install it on multiple machines and just move the dongle between machines as required?



Oh and does anyone have the source code for a USB dongle emulator? (joke!)