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Getting CW10 to output S3 (32 bit address) instead of S1 (16 bit address)

Question asked by Carl Norman on Nov 29, 2010
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In short, can we get the SREC output (.s19) using CW10 project using RS08SH8 to output S3 instead of S1?


We have developed some software tools to remotely update firmware on ColdfireV2 processors (52259), this tool chain requires S3 records. We also have a couple 8 bit processors (RS08SH8) connected which we can update remotely, however, the V2 processor is setup to parse / manage only S3 (32 bit address) files. Is there a converter available to convert S1 to S3, or, can we tell CW10 to output S3 when compiling our 8 bit projects?