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What is .abs_section_0, .abs_section_1, etc. for?

Question asked by SP Lee on Nov 29, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2010 by CrasyCat


I am using CW for MC9S08.

I noted that in my .map file there are sections which are not defined in the .prm file, such as the .abs_section_x..

Can anyone explain what these sections are for?


*********************************************************************************************SECTION-ALLOCATION SECTIONSection Name                    Size  Type     From       To                              2   R/W      0x100      0x101   RAM.init                            132     R     0x8000     0x8083   ROM.startData                        18     R     0x8084     0x8095   ROM.text                             30     R     0x8096     0x80B3   ROM.rodata1                          18     R     0x80B4     0x80C5   ROM.copy                              8     R     0x80C6     0x80CD   ROM.abs_section_0                     1   N/I        0x0        0x0   .absSeg0.abs_section_1                     1   N/I        0x1        0x1   .absSeg1.abs_section_2                     1   N/I        0x2        0x2   .absSeg2