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problem with USB-TAP under XP mode

Discussion created by Matej Pacha on Nov 26, 2010
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I've installed XP mode on Windows 7 32bit and still have problems with USB-TAP connection - anytime I try to attach USB-TAP in USB pane, USB-TAP disappears and LEDs stop blinking. Then I must to reconnect USB-TAP to make it visible in USB pane or in Win7 but this problem comes again. Any idea how to fix it?


To check USB-TAP function, I've tried it on another PC with WinXP and its working.

To check possible problem with USB-TAP driver I've installed CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.3 in XP mode and tried to connect with FSLOSBDM and P&E Micro (to 8bit MCU) with the same experience - after Attach the device disappears and LEDs go off.

SofTec with HCS08 SPYDER kit works fine with no connection problems (correctly attached with USB pane in XP mode).


Note: CodeWarrior under Win7 is about to crash on every application closing (even if the XP compatibility mode is set and CW runs with administrator account). After several crashes it destroyed itself (cannot start CW).


Thanks for any suggestions or experiences