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SPI problem on MC9S08DZ128 and iLCD

Discussion created by Aurelie Mercier on Nov 24, 2010
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First of all, please excuse me for my english, this is not my mother tongue...

I have a problem with SPI on MC9S08DZ128. I would like to make it communicating with an iLCD. Here are its datasheets :

I am able to write to the iLCD and use the commands I want. But I can't read from the iLCD. For example, it should send 0x06 as an ACK for each command....

I have noticed that on the appnote, the MOSI is at low level in idle state, but in my case it is high in idle state... what could be the reason ?

I have tried to send a "get data size to read command" but when there should be something on MISO, there isn't anything. The only answer I get is a byte that seems to be 0x01 every time I send 0xAA (this is the start of each command) but the MCU isn't able to read it.

What should I do please ??


Thank you in advance for your help.