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RAM Size and addresses in XEP100 target

Question asked by Sandeep Parvatikar on Nov 24, 2010
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I prepared a table for RAM page address and physical address for XEP100 target.


Are the addresses in the below table correct?


R-Page R-Page-Start    R-Page-End    Physical Start    Physical End                          

0xF0        0xF0_1000     0xF0_1FFF          0xF_0000             0xF_0FFF                         

0xF1        0xF1_1000     0xF1_1FFF          0xF_1000             0xF_1FFF                         

0xF2        0xF2_1000     0xF2_1FFF          0xF_2000             0xF_2FFF                         

0xF3        0xF3_1000     0xF3_1FFF          0xF_3000             0xF_3FFF                         

0xF4        0xF4_1000     0xF4_1FFF          0xF_4000             0xF_4FFF                         

0xF5        0xF5_1000     0xF5_1FFF          0xF_5000             0xF_5FFF                         

0xF6        0xF6_1000     0xF6_1FFF          0xF_6000             0xF_6FFF                         

0xF7        0xF7_1000     0xF7_1FFF          0xF_7000             0xF_7FFF                         

0xF8        0xF8_1000     0xF8_1FFF         0xF_8000             0xF_8FFF                         

0xF9        0xF9_1000     0xF9_1FFF         0xF_9000             0xF_9FFF                         

0xFA        0xFA_1000     0xFA_1FFF         0xF_A000             0xF_AFFF                         

0xFB        0xFB_1000    0xFB_1FFF         0xF_B000            0xF_BFFF                         

0xFC       0xFC_1000    0xFC_1FFF         0xF_C000            0xF_CFFF                         

0xFD       0xFD_1000    0xFD_1FFF         0xF_D000            0xF_DFFF                         

0xFE        0xFE_1000    0xFE_1FFF         0xF_E000            0xF_EFFF     Equivalent to RAM: 0x2000 - 0x2FFF    

0xFF        0xFF_1000     0xFF_1FFF         0xF_F000             0xF_FFFF     Equivalent to RAM: 0x3000 - 0x3FFF    



Also....Is there any formulae to convert PAGE address to PHYSICAL address and vice versa?


Thanks in advance!


~ Sandeep